Lets Make Your Story a happy one!

We're here for you. Your vision our design expertise. Magic!

The time is here for that project you’ve been dreaming about! You have finally found the money, state of mind and enthusiasm to tackle it. Yet, you do not know where to start. You ask your friends, graze through Houzz and find some exciting inspiration. Then you call a couple of contractors. You’re emailed some estimates and the amount baffles you. You choose the lowest bid, the construction starts, you’re going crazy picking out tiles, fixtures, paint colors, trim, baseboard, and all the things your contractor tells you to shop for.

You’re full of doubt, it’s difficult to visualize if all the items you’ve chosen go well together. How much have you spent? Was that tile included in the contractor’s estimate? Were you supposed to chose from the $5 sqft tile? Yet you love the $20 sqft one! What is the design of the kitchen back splash? Where can you cut from the budget to add the quartz counter-top?

You’ve tried sharing your vision with the contractor waving your hands in the air but you’re not sure if you got the point across. The gentleman setting the tile, counter-top, flooring, etc didn’t seem to get the right information from the general contractor and he will not be in until 5pm. Things start to come together, but your vision is nowhere to be seen. You hate the grout color and the spaces between the tiles (reminds you of I-95), the trim is not what you imagined.

The initial agreed upon price is but a mere memory. You’ve been hit with some many change orders you’ve given up on trying to make sense of how much this remodeling is going to finally cost. You feel frustrated and between a rock and a hard place. At this point you just want it to be done, it’s been three months and you were initially told four weeks, the subs come and go but the communication is off, and when you come back from work, the setting of the tile is crooked, the new wood floor is scratched, the construction site is worse than your toddlers room. You’re fuming, frustrated and have spent too many K’s.

2112 Design Studio will help you change this story, specially the ending.

2112 Design Studio is the solution to a happy story. With over a decade experience in construction paired with a Master’s Degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University, we’ve got what it takes to avoid the -all too common story above. We will SAVE you: TIME, MONEY, and HEADACHES! Give yourself time to plan before talking to the general contractor. Lets make a plan together with YOUR vision. This is what we can do for you: draft floor plans, make inspiration boards that mirror your needs, edit choices of tiles & fixtures, help you with a budget plan, be the boots on the ground in your job site while you are busy with YOUR LIFE, pair your gorgeous space with hand picked furniture that matches your personality and vibe. And finally stage your lovely home with your new and/or existing pieces!

Lets give your construction experience a happy ending through the power of design and planning!